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9 07, 2020

Part of Our Identity: No filter│No airbrushing│No beauty standards

2020-07-09T18:43:23+02:00July 9th, 2020|

Choosing a model for your start-up might seem like a no brainer. You just get someone who looks good on camera, make a photoshoot and done! your brand has a model. Of course, hiring an agency is also an option, spend a good sum on a campaign and choose out of professional models. In our case, since our team and budget is small (but powerful ;)), we ask around our close [...]

10 06, 2020

Fairtrade Is Equality

2020-06-10T16:12:14+02:00June 10th, 2020|

Well, in an ideal world yes, fairtrade would mean equality. It already is, at least a little, but we all know one should be careful if we truly want to be fair when purchasing an item. Fairtrade is a wonderful concept that has given you great peace of mind after purchasing coffee, fruits or any other item that stamps itself with this kind of label; however good ideas sometimes end up [...]

12 05, 2020

We are that #supportsmallbusiness everyone is talking about

2020-05-12T16:06:00+02:00May 12th, 2020|

Picture this: you go abroad to study a masters, before you finish this program you and a couple of friends decide to start a project, the idea is so exciting that it ends up being a registered business. Wuhu! Now you have a registered business! But… what does it mean? It only means that you are legally allowed to operate and of course that your business is now part of the [...]