We thought carefully about your needs, whether you are doing a staycation or you are leaving town, to a near by place or flying to an exciting new place, here are 5 Lulos (our designs ;)) to fulfil your needs:


In place #1 of summer essentials we got a transparent waterproof travel case

When we decided to bring this product into our selection, the thought of using it at the airport convinced us. Every time I had to take out an ugly transparent bag to show all my toiletries, it did not feel right, so when our Albanta girls showed us this design the thought was “stylish, yet practical!”
I personally loved the shape, combination of colours and diverse purposes. Not only can I use this case to travel by plane, but also, I can use this impermeable bag when I go for a swim, it does not get wet! That is why this is our #1 Summer Essential from Lulo and Co.

Among summer essentials to travel we have #2: a gym or sports’ bag, what matters is that it’s light

Who wants to carry a tight and heavy bag in summer? Here in Lulo and Co, we know that the lighter the better, so we knew that a stylish and light gym bag for summer was perfect. Being able to carry a couple of things in your bag is great, it is also great to have a little space between your back and your bag, it allows the air to run through and refresh you. But it is also great to fold your bag and put it into a bigger bag if what you need is a light city bag for that short city trip you are planning 😊


In our summer essentials we put a clutch as #3 , here is our Albanta Clutch

Going out to a café or a club you do not want to worry about your bag being heavy and impractical, therefore we thought of our Albanta clutches as a good solution. If you want to use them with the handle, you can, without the handle, you can wear it too; but most importantly if you need to fit a medium size wallet, your phone, some piece of make up and your keys, they all fit. So if you are looking for a versatile, light and beautiful purse in summer, this is it 😊!

#4 Do you already have a personal Picnic Bag on your summer essentials list

Planning to eat something with some friends at the Prater, Stadtpark, Donaukanal or anywhere else in the outdoor? however, you don’t know where or how to carry your drink, tapper and food? This is it, the bag designed by Joana Luque, is the best option for your picnic plan in the city or nearby nature. It carries a whole meal, keeps it’s temperature and if they drop a little watter it will resist it 🙂

#5 Among your summer essencials you need a practical and small wallet

Our selection of mini wallets include a variety of 17 options for you to choose, we are sure you will find your style in one of them. They have been chosen to be part of Lulo and Co’s selection, because they are beautiful, so cute, cool, but also, really practical! I personally needed a small wallet for all the occasions I only wanted to store my card, ID and some money; so when I found these, I fell in love. We know that these in summer are a must-have.

All of the above are very versatile and stylish options for your summer essentials list of this year, if there is an object you miss and would like us to find it for you, write is a comment and we will be glad to bring it to you.

Is there anything better than happily getting yourself something you want and knowing that it comes from a fair background, which means it makes other people happy too? ^^
Thank you for making supply chains fairer with us :-*