Thoughtful and special gifts are the ones we enjoy giving and receiving the most. So, we carefully thought of great gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day. We selected items with an idea behind each one of them, but, they all have an alternative background. They are not the typical gift bought on Amazon or a big retailer store. All our gifts have a person behind them making it, you can read more about each person on our Designer tab, to make sure that whichever present you get has a fair background and has a story to tell, unlike the common item you would get at any store.

Valentine Gifts for Him


Coasters and other home articles might not be on the top of your boyfriend’s list for home stuff. So maybe it is a good thing you take care of that for him. He will love the fact that these coasters come in a cool box and each one of them is unique, 6 people can sit and enjoy drinks, each one with a different coaster and your guy won’t have to clean the table afterwards 😉
But hey, if your girlfriend likes Andy Warhol or Pop Art, this present is also for her: #genderless 😉

Something to write on:

This is a practical gift that anyone will use. But if the notebook or notepad has your idol on it, you will be remembered for bringing this beautiful object into the hands of your loved one.

We present you here two options of these items, but feel free to browse on our web for the rest of idols we have on stock.

Valentine Gifts for Her

Many wonderful women pay good attention to detail, they can lighten up a room by just adding an item you didn’t know would look so good there. If this is the kind of girlfriend you have and she is not so good at taking care of plants, this crochet cactus would be a wonderful reminder. It will let her know you truly know her and appreciate her talents.

Does she have a lot of pens, markers or pencils?

Then she needs another pencil case, but this one is handmade, fair trade, unique and beautiful. She will love it!

Very often the wallets women have do not fit anywhere, therefore a mini wallet is a thoughtful present for a woman. These items are practical but usually boring or ugly. Ours are not. We have vintage style mini wallets made by hand from Raíces Urbanas or animal shaped ones, made by Ciruela. We left you a picture of a vintage telephone here but do check out the rest of our Tiny Wallets on our shop.

Tiny wallet
buy online Tiny wallet

Other Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you a friend of a gay couple or you are one?

Let’s never forget that Freddie taught us that love has no gender. That’s why we love him so much, we love having him around in the shape of a notebook or notepad.

Any of this items would be a truly thoughtful present, we hope we helped you in your search for a Valentine’s Gift and wish you a wonderful day with your loved one.