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2306, 2022

5 Summer Essentials That Truly Think of you

  We thought carefully about your needs, whether you are doing a staycation or you are leaving town, to a near by place or flying to an exciting new place, here are 5 Lulos (our designs ;)) to fulfil your needs:   In place #1 of summer essentials we got a transparent waterproof travel case When we decided to bring this product into our selection, the thought of using it at the airport convinced us. Every time I had to [...]

1405, 2022

How do you know if a product is sustainable? 3 ways to find out

We know that the whole topic of sustainability has become a complicated thing. It is no longer only about saving the planet. Companies are using this topic to sell more, or they are “greenwashing” their brands. So nowadays, how do you know if a product is sustainable? We selected 3 ways to find out. These are 3 methodologies for assessing environmental impacts, they are some of the most effective, popular, and widely use ways to achieve sustainability and fight [...]

2104, 2022

Our Mother’s Day Gifts and Gift Ideas – What to give her?

Do you feel lost every year when the day comes and you have to choose another present for your mom? We want to make things easier for you, so we chose designs that best fit the kind of mother you have. With this article you won’t have to search long for a Mother's Day gift, because here you will get a present AND some inspiration with our gift ideas for Mother’s Day, which will serve you next year too. [...]

404, 2022

Can products really be sustainable or eco-friendly?

Yes and no, sustainability depends on many factors, for example: the method you use to measure if a product can be sustainable or not the definition you have of “sustainable” the definition a shop has of “sustainable” whether it is only for advertisement purposes or if the wellbeing of people in relation to the environment truly is part of a company’s core values. But among the many factors, we argue that the business intention, is something that can tell [...]

202, 2022

Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Thoughtful and special gifts are the ones we enjoy giving and receiving the most. So, we carefully thought of great gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day. We selected items with an idea behind each one of them, but, they all have an alternative background. They are not the typical gift bought on Amazon or a big retailer store. All our gifts have a person behind them making it, you can read more about each person on our Designer tab, [...]

2412, 2021

A Unique Wallet is Vegan, Patchwork and Colourful

In the process of finding a wallet that I liked, I found many leather wallets, a lot of them had the same design. The typical zipper, inside pocket for coins and limited space for cards. I was bored of this design but I needed a wallet very soon, because mine was getting old and damaged. Luckily, I found Albanta, three sisters who saved my money. Albanta is the name of one of our designers. This brand was founded by [...]

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