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2412, 2021

A Unique Wallet is Vegan, Patchwork and Colourful

In the process of finding a wallet that I liked, I found many leather wallets, a lot of them had the same design. The typical zipper, inside pocket for coins and limited space for cards. I was bored of this design but I needed a wallet very soon, because mine was getting old and damaged. Luckily, I found Albanta, three sisters who saved my money. Albanta is the name of one of our designers. This brand was founded by [...]

912, 2021

5 Reasons Why Fair Trade Fashion is Important

Fair trade means exactly what these two words imply, trading among people in a fair way. But why is it necessary to include the word “fair”? sadly due to colonization and other details of history, trading has been until now very unfair, to say the least. With globalization and the internet, we are now aware that poorer countries are being exploited for their resources and cheap labor. Therefore “fair” became the keyword to start solving some of the issues [...]

1911, 2021

Fair Trade Christmas Gifts are Cool Christmas Gifts! And they are for every age and personality type, woohoo!

The Best Fair Trade Christmas Gifts We are in the year 2021 where the meaning of the word cool has changed. Nowadays a man is no longer cool only because he rides a motorcycle, or a woman is cool because she is easy going and doesn’t complain. No, nowadays, it is cooler to be a man who is sensitive and considerate and a woman who stands out asking for what matters to her. Thinking of this new meaning of [...]

1111, 2021

Confused or guilty about buying on Cyber Monday? Here is a more conscious, fairer, Cyber Monday

Who doesn’t love a good sale price? When our favourite brands give us prices that allow us to purchase the item we wanted, it allows us to purchase other things we had on our wishlist, fantastic! However, if you are someone looking to buy more consciously, you might be feeling a little confused or even guilty about buying on this date. We got you, this article is for you. What to avoid For many retailers, the Black Friday and Cyber [...]

811, 2021

How to break free from consumerism

On the first entry from our Free From series we talked about globalization. About how it is kind of over, how it connected the world, but also left it in danger. If you would like to read that article, click here. For today, we would love to focus on one issue that globalization left us with: Consumerism and a possible solution to it. Consuming is not bad, it is even necessary, we need to consume food and water, basic resources [...]

2010, 2021

Fairtrade Gifts for Dad, Grandpa and other Men

Do you also feel a little lost when trying to find presents for your masculine loved ones? We are here to help. In this article we will aim to give you three gift ideas, Fairtrade Gifts for three different types of personalities. We want to help you give a good birthday, surprise or Christmas present for your brother, father, grandpa or any important man in your life. Here are Some of the Best Fairtrade Gifts for Men Practical men [...]

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