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“Albanta is the name of a song which, according to our mum, is the place where dreams live in; so we owe the name to her.

Albanta was born in February 2008. Although very young at that time, we already had experience working in other companies. Therefore, we were certain that if we wanted to, we could achieve any goal that we pursue. So, we made the decision to be independent. We began to create wallets with two sewing machines that we had at home. We decided that each wallet would be unique in its colors, materials and details which would constitute our concept.

After this experience, we explored items close to the category of wallets, e.g. bags, coin purses or clutches. We developed and created our own pattern. Listening to our customers and due to empiric trial and error, we learnt and concluded that as long as the effort is undertaken as team work, dreams can come true.

We attempt to design and create constantly through Albanta Diseño; we also want to keep its cutting-edge style, keep improving our processes; be able to offer jobs to more local Bogotanian manufacturers; and show Colombia’s talent and hard work. Our goal is then to consolidate Albanta as an independent design company whose designs reach the rest of the world.

Regarding our techniques, they are focused on design, quality and durability of our items. Patchwork is our main technique. It is the combination and ensemble of different materials that constitute an item. This technique allows Albanta to offer a unique product to the customer since there is no limit to the combinations that we are able to make.

Additionally, we are aiming to create impermeable gym bags, backpacks and accessories. To achieve this, we are using the best quality material with PVC waterproof characteristics, in the outsides of our items. This allows us to offer our customers the flexibility to use our items at any occasion and weather without risking their belongings.

Ultimately, we work to give each item a unique touch, a characteristic that makes it different, so that we can offer options for each personality.”


Your designer’s name are:

Luisa, Catalina and Maria.

This sister trio was born in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. Together they gather knowledge on Fashion Design, Marketing and Business Administration. The elder sister, Luisa, is a natural-born artist. Her joy for artistic creations went from Barbie dresses to sculptures. After Luisa finished her Bachelor studies in Fine Arts, she chose designing as a way to pursue her passion for creating.

Luisa’s sisters agree that she was the one who showed them this opportunity (Albanta) and they also owe their knowledge of manufacturing techniques to her.

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