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About Ciruela

“Two years ago I founded Ciruela. It was born out my love for animals, especially for cats. The first accessory that I made was a phone-case for me. But when I saw the reception that this phone-case had, I decided to share my creations for the first time at the start-up exhibition of the University of Boyacá.

I chose the name Ciruela (plumb in Spanish) and used the plum-tree flower for the logo because of its beauty and strength.

My goal for Ciruela accessories is that they reach many places in the world and that the owner feels identified with them.

Every design is unique; the details are essential to make each accessory special. Those details are done with strips of cloth that complement the piece, like the bow ties and jingle bells that some of Ciruela’s animals have.
I would also like to say that I am very excited because my designs are now available in other countries. Being 100% Colombian, they represent my homeland.”


Your designer’s name is:

María Gabriela Rodriguez.

María was born in Paipa, Boyacá – a very nice town in the center region of Colombia. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the University of Boyacá. So, naturally, her career and love for imagining and creating made of María a professional designer.

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