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About Pretérito Absoluto

“Pretérito Absoluto arose from the need to transform my profession into a more playful, independent, and artistic work. Through the association with the TORNAMESA bookstore the way was paved; allowing me to create all kinds of flirty objects that gracefully blended into the store’s books and records.”

Tornamesa was the place where Lulo&Co was able to connect with Marcela and her work. It is a must-visit bookstore in Bogotá, because it is a place full of personality and art in many kinds.  ( )

“There could not be a better place. Tornamesa is full of magic and filled by friends. Here my work exists and reinvents itself day by day, because Tornamesa does not only sell objects, but also sensations and experiences.”

Marcela Otero


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Marcela was born in Palmira a city located in southwestern Colombia, in the Valle del Cauca Department.

“My love for drawing and painting began when I was a very young girl. It led me to study Graphic Design; inevitably followed by Fine Arts studies and finally Editorial Design came along. The latter was a profession I proudly developed for over 25 years. It complemented and enriched my knowledge.

Today, I create objects derived from these experiences and related to what I love most: art, music and literature.”

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