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About Raíces Urbanas

Raíces Urbanas was born in 2008 when Jorge began with a brand called Raíces where he designed printed T-shirts with urban style. This is how the name of the new brand was found Raíces Urbanas.

Later on Victoria Alejandra joined the company to design and create, together with Jorge, the products that the brand has nowadays. The current style of the brand can be described as retro-vintage and the main technique is print.

“Our mission as a company that creates, produces and distributes deco and functional items, is to offer our customers products with high quality standards in their design and finishing touches.”

Nationally the main goal of Raíces Urbanas is to be recognized because of their honesty and dedication. Internationally the brand wants to be able to reach diverse customers, since they believe in the international appeal of their design and the great effort they put on presenting the customer with a professionally made product.

Since Raíces Urbanas does not have a shop, Jorge and Victoria sell mainly in design markets; therefore one big goal for them is to be able to open their own store in Colombia.


Your designer’s name are:

Victoria Alejandra Salamanca & Jorge Moreno.

Victoria and Jorge were born in the city of Bucaramanga, Santander; a very green and warm city, that due to its attractive characteristics got the nicknames: “The City of Parks” and “Colombia’s Beautiful City”.

Victoria Alejandra and Jorge have always been great fans of design and arts, the main reason why they decided to dedicate themselves to design. Jorge on the one hand had great influence from his mom, who was an artisanal designer and craftswoman of clay for a long period of her life.

Victoria Alejandra on the other hand showed her interest for arts since she was young, which was the main reason for her to study fine arts; she wanted to broaden her knowledge. Now that they have their own brand they see that Victoria’s studies have been essential for the development of Raices Urbanas.

Currently Victoria Alejandra is a professor of fine arts at the Industrial University of Santander and Jorge is an empirical and self-taught graphic designer.

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