Well, in an ideal world yes, fairtrade would mean equality. It already is, at least a little, but we all know one should be careful if we truly want to be fair when purchasing an item.

Fairtrade is a wonderful concept that has given you great peace of mind after purchasing coffee, fruits or any other item that stamps itself with this kind of label; however good ideas sometimes end up being used just for the sake of selling and forgetting the good intention behind it.

So what is the idea behind fairtade? The keyword fair already gives it away. It is a type of trade that looks for a better, more just treatment for the people involved in the production of an item.

Better conditions for some can help reach better conditions for others. That is why fairtrade can help balance our inequality. It allows us to know more about how a product is made, who made it, who else is involved in bringing it to our hands.

Fairtrade done honestly can provide people with power to help others in need. It allows the customer to decide who she-he-they want to support, investing on their hard work, talent and time.

By using fairtrade consciously not only big companies with mass production will have an impact on the way our world trades; because one person buying a fairtrade product in Europe can be directly benefiting another in Colombia.

Through connecting economies, people with more can give to those who have less. At least that is how Lulo and Co likes to see fairtrade, as a way to make the world a more equal place.