Do you also feel a little lost when trying to find presents for your masculine loved ones?

We are here to help. In this article we will aim to give you three gift ideas, Fairtrade Gifts for three different types of personalities. We want to help you give a good birthday, surprise or Christmas present for your brother, father, grandpa or any important man in your life.

Here are Some of the Best Fairtrade Gifts for Men

Practical men

We do not like to generalize, we know there are a lot of practical women, however we want to focus on the men who tend to be very practical. Some men do not like to spend money on “useless” decoration or expensive ornaments that have only one purpose. Therefore, we believe that notebooks are a great choice for a gift (and even better when it is a Fairtrade gift 😉 ); because, they can have many purposes. Notebooks can be used for following personal finances, studying, writing, keeping information or notes in only one place. They are, therefore, very useful, a thoughtful present for a practical man.

So if your loved one is not only practical, but also, he is interested in culture, you must seriously consider the following choices to give as a present:

Notebook Einstein:

this notebook would be great for engineers, physicist, mathematicians, or any science fans.





Notebook Mozart:

Does your grandpa keep playing classical music? Wouldn’t he love to write on a notebook that reminded him of something he likes so much? Perfect for musicians or music fans.

Notebook Chaplin:

comedy is all around us, it is a very present thing nowadays, but it would be nothing without Charles Chaplin. I am sure your dad, grandfather or friend knows that. So if he loves comedy, this is his present.

Notebook Poe or Kafka: 

reading is his thing? Wonderful! Those who read, usually love classics, Franz Kafka, a classic of German literature and Edgar Alan Poe, a classic of English Literature, both authors will make any literature fan smile.

Einstein NotizbuchNotebook MozartKafka notebookEdgar Poe Notizbuch

Cool Men

  • Coasters pop art

If your dad, grandfather, or friend is more the artistic type, he will love these coasters. He surely appreciates having pieces of Andy Warhol’s art in an object so practical and useful as a coaster. These 6 pop-art coasters are beautifully designed, printed on wood and protected by an impermeable shiny material. But not only individually are they protected, they also have a box to keep them all together and organize. Definitely a gift that he and anyone else who lives in that house would appreciate.

Nature and Sensitive Guy

If you are so lucky to have a man in your life who loves nature. Someone who wants to have objects around him that are cute, and that remind him of lovely people like you… this is the right present. A Crochet Cactus can be placed on a desk right next to a computer, to decorate the space without the risk of the plant dying out because nobody watered it.

  • cactus handmade

All these products are fairly traded, they have a fair background, so you will not only give a nice object, but you will also give as a gift, the nice feeling of fairness and support. Because the person you give this present to, will own a piece of design made by someone who was very happy to make it and would be very happy to know that you bought it. So, do take the time to tell your loved one about the story behind this present 😉

We hope these Fairtrade gift ideas were useful. We hope they inspired you or left you curious to know more, ask questions or leave us a comment. We love to know what you think.