To make things by hand brings us into a meditative state, all our attention is focused on what we hold in our hands and one usually does not drop something until it is finished.

So thinking of something as handmade, transports us into a place of calm, beauty and achievement. Do you agree?

When it comes to purchasing something handmade it feels valuable and special, so usually we are willing to invest a little more into that object, because we think not only about the thing we purchase, but we imagine one person taking the time into producing that which is in our hands.

How beautiful it is to know that, thanks to this term, we can connect to the person who made an object.

Not only can we connect to that but to differentiate what is made by hand vs what is mass production.

Usually big stores and big retailers do not use this term to describe their products, however we well know by now that many many people work by hand to produce everything they sell on their stores. So there is a little recognition to do. Recognizing that there are people behind the products we sell, is the responsibility of us as retailers.

Lulo and Co hopes to provide you with that information and to assure you that not only we use handmade as a description of our products but as a way to recognize that our designers put their hands into doing what you bought.