How do you spend your money right now? And how would you better invest it?

A recession is here. Time filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Money feels scarce and the fear of losing the little we have is more than understandable.

So yes, the question about money is in our thoughts; and for a person, just as for a business, it is a situation hard to endure.

But we must continue with our dreams. Lulo and Co has to keep on offering products made by people who believe in their own dreams, who work independently because they want a life of their own. Designers create because that is their talent, to make things as a product of talent, not with the purpose of luring people into wasting their money in unnecessary things.

For me, who started this company, spending wisely has been a must. I have had to handle three jobs at once in order to build a dream that will hopefully one day stand on its own, but until then and specially with the current situation, spending is cut back to cover basic needs. Making spending a big personal question; therefor instead of spending I started investing.

So, in order to identify if I am spending or investing, especially when it comes to those costs that are outside basic needs’ budget; the rule was to treat myself while knowing that I am treating others.

Because if the energy I invested on acquiring the money I am trying to spend, is invested on paying someone who equally invested their time, talent and energy into making a treat for myself… then I am sure I am investing my money into a healthy economy.

Hopefully, you find something in our store that treats yourself with joy, love, happiness, curiosity or inspiration either for you or someone else. Be sure that the XY amount you invest on us, does become an immeasurable support/investment.