Choosing a model for your start-up might seem like a no brainer. You just get someone who looks good on camera, make a photoshoot and done! your brand has a model. Of course, hiring an agency is also an option, spend a good sum on a campaign and choose out of professional models.

In our case, since our team and budget is small (but powerful ;)), we ask around our close ones to see who would be willing and interested on supporting us; in exchange for nothing but a good conscience for helping us out.

A very good friend, who knows her beauty, is confident and has got what it takes to model, was eager to help and left us with a fantastic selection of pictures (as you can see from this very one pic). Up until that point, all decisions were made without a thought behind it. Our only purpose was to show the awesomeness of our designs, their functionality and size. But when the Instagram question arouse we were confronted with the choice of Photoshop or No Photoshop, modifying the pictures or not, airbrushing our friend or not.

That was the point where choosing how our model would appear meant that our values were involved… …we hope that from the picture, you can see our choice. We do not have a set beauty standard, we do not choose to airbrush people on our pictures, we do not need a filter as much a we do not need to trick you into purchasing.

A big part of our identity and philosophy is being honest, which goes from fair sourcing, to raw pictures. Therefore, be confident that when you purchase an item from us, these ideas and values are behind that beautiful object ^.^ Check our designs on our website and do let us know if you can sense our honesty and intention behind what we do.