Tiny wallet is the name we decided to give to a product that in Colombia is called “monedero”, literally translated it would be coin purse, because “moneda” means coin and the “ero” ending describes a place, like a purse or wallet, where you can carry some cash.

We chose to add tiny wallets to our catalogue for a bunch of reasons. From the Fairtrade ideal to the practical perspective, here are some advantages we found to having a small wallet besides having a big one. Besides? Yes, because we know that you might need a big wallet for some reasons and a small one for others, so let’s dive in:

Your wallet can give you good vibes too

Let’s start with a reason connected to our emotions. Check around your house and pay attention to how you feel towards each object you have purchased. Now, think of your wallet, something that you have a close connection to, because you must see and use it almost every day… why not give it a feel-good emotion? and how do I do that? Well, by buying a Fairtrade tiny wallet from us, you will know that you have supported a designer, an artist, a person who thanks to your support can continue doing her/his/their art. Doesn’t that give you a feel-good emotion? 😉

Your style matters and it is unique

Since our approach to Fairtrade is to support small productions, the objects you buy from us have limited quantities, meaning that unlike a mini wallet from a multinational company, the tiny wallet you get from us has been produced by only one person with materials that very often cannot be found again. Therefore, buying Fairtrade not only gives you a feel-good emotion, but also style, exclusivity, and uniqueness.
Find the right tiny wallet for your style here and more on our shop:

 Tiny Wallets: Cat             Frida Portrait                 Ethno                 Vespa Dog

The future, some say, is a cashless society

Our ever-changing times have not only made communication a whole different experience. The internet has also changed the way we manage money. Nowadays, especially in Europe, the market is moving in the direction of electronic payments, almost everywhere you can simply pay with contactless cards, meaning that you are good to go with your bank card and a couple of bills or coins, for which you would only need a small wallet.

Carrying a tiny wallet will make you more organized

A smaller wallet helps you stay organized, it makes you decide to bring only what you need daily, such as ID cards, transportation cards or credit cards. Therefore, once your wallet is convenient and organized, it becomes easier to use, you extract and insert only what you need, be it cards, bills or coins, nothing else.

It reduces the chances of losing your wallet

Having a thick and bulky wallet can increase the chances of misplacing it, because it does not fit easily in your pocket, especially when you are sitting down. This makes it necessary to carry it in your hand, in a backpack or even leave it on the table. Therefore, the great benefit of having a tiny wallet will be that you can always have it in your pants pocket or shirt pocket, which greatly reduces the chances of losing it.

They are child-cute for adult money only

When we found the tiny wallets designed by Ciruela, we couldn’t resist. They are so cute, light and animal-like, that we knew either an adult or a child would love to have a dog, panda, raccoon or koala store their money.

Which one is the cutest for you?

  Tiny Wallets: Dog               Panda                     Raccoon                         Koala

It is lighter, therefore more comfortable.

Last but not least, a tiny wallet’s size and weight allows you to carry it wherever you want without feeling like it’s a hassle. Goodbye to carrying a heavy and annoying wallet that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a brick. You can carry a mini wallet in your back pants pocket without feeling like it is going to drop your pants down. It simply makes life easier by making it more comfortable.

Now is the time to try them! We assure you that you will not regret it!