Deciding to be an entrepreneur involves a lot of insecurity. It implies not having a stable income, there is no recurrent amount of money that allows you to feel safe about your future. No salary means no possibility to dream or plan with matters that require money (which is a lot in the reality we are).

Deciding to be an entrepreneur also involves a lot of compromise. When a person with little or no money to invest decides to dedicate her/his/their time to an idea of their own, the compromise is very high, because this idea takes all of their effort, attention and energy in order to make it real.

Which means that, when someone decides to start their own business or develop an idea; in other words when “entrepreneur” becomes the word to describe who you are. That someone is taking a lot of risk in the name of freedom.

What does freedom got to do with this? Well, an entrepreneur is acting freely when he/she/they decide(s) that he/she/they doesn’t/do not want to dedicate their time and energy into something different than his/her/their own dreams.

An entrepreneur uses that own freedom to decide but also to be free. Because by choosing what you want, you are free from the restrictions that used to limit you. You do not decide based on a salary, type of job or co-workers, no, you decide based on your own free wishes. Which is freedom right there.

Once the decision is made, freedom is also there with you when there is no restriction to do things as others want them. You are free to choose how, when, who with and how much you invest of your time and energy into something.

We in Lulo and Co, our designers and every other entrepreneur have taken the risk to act on behalf of freedom. So the first stage has been achieved, however we can only achieve the second stage of freedom with your support.

Do you encourage the risk we took?
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