In the process of finding a wallet that I liked, I found many leather wallets, a lot of them had the same design. The typical zipper, inside pocket for coins and limited space for cards. I was bored of this design but I needed a wallet very soon, because mine was getting old and damaged.

Luckily, I found Albanta, three sisters who saved my money.

Albanta is the name of one of our designers. This brand was founded by three sisters, Luisa, Catalina & Maria, they live in Bogotá and have a very distinctive talent to play with materials and colours. Here is why their designs are unique and special.


This is the technique that Luisa, the natural artist of the trio, chose to create wallets, gym bags and other practical objects. The patchwork technique is also called piecing because it puts together pieces of different fabrics, no matter their shape or colour.

As you can see in the picture below, patchwork looks awesome, however, it is a technique that requires the talent for combining colours, as not every colour goes together. But do not forget about the fabric, finding the perfect match here is also not simple.

For example in the wallet below, Luisa was able to combine three different textiles, two synthetic leathers and one printed fabric.


Vegan leather

This material is very controversial, does it really exist? What exactly is it? How do you know if the leather you want to get is vegan or not?
Technically vegan leather is any leather which source is not an animal. It can be created from artificial or plant products. In the case of Albanta, they chose synthetic materials, their kind of leather has different textures and colours but they are free from animal cruelty. No cow, sheep, lamb, goat, or pig died from the making of these wallets 😉


As we said before, colour is an important feature in the designs of Albanta. Luisa, has the talent to spot the right fabric, with a kind of colour, texture and print that suits what is in her mind.

Finding a colourful wallet is hard, but it is even harder to find a colourful wallet that is not ugly, one that keeps design, elegance and uniqueness all together. Reason why I personally decided to get myself a wallet from Albanta. I needed space, quality and design, without it being boring. And I found it all with the wallets of Albanta.

As a present

My personal reasons to select this item are clear, however I also chose this item to be part of Lulo’s catalogue because they can be a perfect present. You will be giving something with a fair trade background, that is unique and practical.

If your mom, girlfriend or friend has an old and boring wallet it’s time she gets a better one. But don’t forget to put some money in, because according to Italian tradition, including some money inside the wallet brings good luck to the recipient.