We truly are! 😉

Presenting ourselves in this platform or on our website, might give you the feeling that we are only digital; a certain thing hard to grasp and with a presence that lives only on the internet.

And partly yes, we are digital, it is part of our work, just as it is part of everyone else’s life. How we present our selves digitally is now part of who we are. But that it is just one bit, what is important to remember is that we are a lot more, we are real.

In the case of this project, Lulo and Co includes a lot of real objects, like our products. They are made of touchable nice materials, transformed into beautiful pieces by a pair of real hands.

Lulo and Co also includes a lot of real places. Like Bogotá, one of our eternal bases. Or Vienna, our birth place; Seattle! Current home to one of our amazing team members; Estonia, the place of our future. Paris, host of our next event. And the world, as the greater space that holds us all together.

But most importantly Lulo and Co is real because of its people, people who make everything possible: from the products, the procurement, to the digital image. And that includes you, who appreciate and acknowledge the fact that although you only see us digitally, you know we are real, you know we have real ideas and a genuine wish to give joy and support through our work and products. So thank you for knowing that our work is real and for appreciating it with your support.