Picture this: you go abroad to study a masters, before you finish this program you and a couple of friends decide to start a project, the idea is so exciting that it ends up being a registered business.

Wuhu! Now you have a registered business! But… what does it mean? It only means that you are legally allowed to operate and of course that your business is now part of the taxation system of a country. It is an important process, for sure part of the business, however there is no business without workers, neither is there one without clients.

So in such a grand challenge Corona has put us all in, that picture from before is what we are. Lulo and Co is a registered business, with legal operation and taxation number… however at its core is a SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE; people who have also been very much affected by this crisis.

The two co-founders of this company have very different realities. One luckily has a main job and therefore is able to provide Lulo and Co with investment. The other co-founder is the executive part, the one that is able to provide work and progress (including this text you are reading ;)).

The two realities of Lulo and Co’s founders, is very much a summary of our current economy. Some have a stable job and income, others have much to offer but no source of income.

So the business (Lulo and Co) has its workers, but it of course needs its clients. And who are its clients? PEOPLE.

When we use terms like “business”, “economy” or “client” it makes it sound so abstract; but it is not. Behind each of these concepts simply are people.

Names like María, Marcela, Melissa, Natalia, Philip, Luísa, Joana, Paulo, Jorge, Camilo, David or Simon, represent more of the reality. Because although when the hashtag is “supportsmallbusiness”, what it really means is support people; businesses like us, a group of less than 5 active members, who with their work impact another 5 lives. So by supporting businesses like us, clients/people are supporting 5 people, who can support other 5 people, who in return will support others and so on… J

So yes!  #supportsmallbusiness and yes! #solidarity

To know more about the insights of Lulo and Co and our philosophy, keep visiting this journal 😉