Do you feel lost every year when the day comes and you have to choose another present for your mom? We want to make things easier for you, so we chose designs that best fit the kind of mother you have. With this article you won’t have to search long for a Mother’s Day gift, because here you will get a present AND some inspiration with our gift ideas for Mother’s Day, which will serve you next year too.

Remember that the following suggestions are all Fair Trade, handmade, unique and presents she does not expect. Our brand offers you special presents because we are a small company, we are the only ones selling this designs and when you buy from us, you not only support us, but also entrepreneurs in Colombia. So you will be making your mama and other 5 people happy ^^.

The perfect gift idea for a new mom: Clutch

If you are looking for a present for a new mom, these clutches have had great feedback. As new mommiess have to carry so many things with their babies, their own things get lost in the baby bags. So, one of the mommies we sold this clutch to, told us that it is a very practical handbag; because it is light, it has enough pockets to fit all important cards, documents and it keeps everything organized.

Gift idea for almost any mom: Wallets

How is the current wallet of your mother? Old?
Very often, moms forget to buy things for themselves and that is reflected in the wallet they own. As wonderful as they are and with everything, they do for us, they carry a lot of things in their wallet, so very often they don’t like to change it. So, if your mother’s wallet needs a change, give her this new one. It is big enough to fit cards, coins and bills in only one place AND they are beautifully handmade. She will love it!

A present for a practical mother: Small Wallet

If your mother is that kind of person who likes to carry only the necessary things, she has a small wallet or she is looking for one, these are great coin purse you can choose from and give as a present. The first picture shows one from Ciruela, our cute designer. The second picture shows one from Raíces Urbanas, our cool designers couple. These are only two styles of this kind of small wallets, do check our the other kinds in our shop if you feel curious 😉

For a hardworking mom: a lunch box

Do you have a mother who works hard and among the many things she does, she prepares her own lunch or snacks to bring with her sometimes? Give her this picnic box, it is super elegant, practical and made of great quality materials, she’ll love it!

Let us know if these ideas were helpful, we love to read your comments and experience with our products ^^