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2209, 2020

Handgemacht, Fait main or Handmade

To make things by hand brings us into a meditative state, all our attention is focused on what we hold in our hands and one usually does not drop something until it is finished. So thinking of something as handmade, transports us into a place of calm, beauty and achievement. Do you agree? When it comes to purchasing something handmade it feels valuable and special, so usually we are willing to invest a little more into that object, because we [...]

1508, 2020

Taking the risk of being an entrepreneur, is an act of freedom

Deciding to be an entrepreneur involves a lot of insecurity. It implies not having a stable income, there is no recurrent amount of money that allows you to feel safe about your future. No salary means no possibility to dream or plan with matters that require money (which is a lot in the reality we are). Deciding to be an entrepreneur also involves a lot of compromise. When a person with little or no money to invest decides to dedicate [...]

2907, 2020

We are digital but we are real!

We truly are! 😉 Presenting ourselves in this platform or on our website, might give you the feeling that we are only digital; a certain thing hard to grasp and with a presence that lives only on the internet. And partly yes, we are digital, it is part of our work, just as it is part of everyone else’s life. How we present our selves digitally is now part of who we are. But that it is just one bit, [...]

2207, 2020

Investing rather than spending

How do you spend your money right now? And how would you better invest it? A recession is here. Time filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Money feels scarce and the fear of losing the little we have is more than understandable. So yes, the question about money is in our thoughts; and for a person, just as for a business, it is a situation hard to endure. But we must continue with our dreams. Lulo and Co has to keep [...]

907, 2020

Part of Our Identity: No filter│No airbrushing│No beauty standards

Choosing a model for your start-up might seem like a no brainer. You just get someone who looks good on camera, make a photoshoot and done! your brand has a model. Of course, hiring an agency is also an option, spend a good sum on a campaign and choose out of professional models. In our case, since our team and budget is small (but powerful ;)), we ask around our close ones to see who would be willing and interested [...]

1006, 2020

Fairtrade Is Equality

Well, in an ideal world yes, fairtrade would mean equality. It already is, at least a little, but we all know one should be careful if we truly want to be fair when purchasing an item. Fairtrade is a wonderful concept that has given you great peace of mind after purchasing coffee, fruits or any other item that stamps itself with this kind of label; however good ideas sometimes end up being used just for the sake of selling and [...]

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