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907, 2020

Part of Our Identity: No filter│No airbrushing│No beauty standards

Choosing a model for your start-up might seem like a no brainer. You just get someone who looks good on camera, make a photoshoot and done! your brand has a model. Of course, hiring an agency is also an option, spend a good sum on a campaign and choose out of professional models. In our case, since our team and budget is small (but powerful ;)), we ask around our close ones to see who would be willing and interested [...]

1006, 2020

Fairtrade Is Equality

Well, in an ideal world yes, fairtrade would mean equality. It already is, at least a little, but we all know one should be careful if we truly want to be fair when purchasing an item. Fairtrade is a wonderful concept that has given you great peace of mind after purchasing coffee, fruits or any other item that stamps itself with this kind of label; however good ideas sometimes end up being used just for the sake of selling and [...]

1205, 2020

We are that #supportsmallbusiness everyone is talking about

Picture this: you go abroad to study a masters, before you finish this program you and a couple of friends decide to start a project, the idea is so exciting that it ends up being a registered business. Wuhu! Now you have a registered business! But… what does it mean? It only means that you are legally allowed to operate and of course that your business is now part of the taxation system of a country. It is an important [...]

211, 2018

Lulo&Co @ Design Bazaars

  As part of our online and offline concept, presented in our first journal article on “Lulo&Co’s Online AND Offline Concept”, we explained how important it is for us to give you as our customers the possibility to try out and experience our design pieces in real. Therefore, we are taking part at several events – one category of those are the design bazaars or design flea markets. What’s special about design bazaars? Unlike conventional flea markets, design bazaars are [...]

1510, 2018

Lulo&Co – From Colombia to Europe

Why Colombia? Most importantly, one of our team members is from this beautiful country. As she bought a creative backpack from an independent designer in Colombia and received a lot of positive feedback with regard to its great look, she, together with a friend, came up with the initial idea to create a business that imports hand-crafted designs from Colombian artists to Europe - or first of all to Vienna. And why selling to Europe? Hence, these personal ties to [...]

1510, 2018

Lulo&Co’s Online AND Offline Concept

Online is not only the future anymore, it is the present. Nowadays finding a running project without any information online is weird, it might even be a reason to distrust or discard it. So when the brainstorming for Lulo&Co began, we took this into account and decided that we had to be an online store. However, as a customer of accessories and of basically anything, we all do like to touch, feel or try what we buy; we want to [...]