What’s Lulo? – It’s a fruit!

Lulos grow only in northwestern South America and is thus representative of Colombia. Anyone in the country would tell you about its awesomeness. The fruit, therefore can be described as unique… exclusive. Words that define both: Lulo and COLOMBIAN DESIGN. So we think that it represents very well the unique and exceptional characteristics of our selection.

What is our goal?

We are a team of 6 people who aim to share within Europe the talent and CREATIVITY that is hidden in Colombia. We support Colombian designers and local material suppliers by directly acquiring their creations. We gather the designers’ story, get to know them and their brand’s history, because we understand that behind each piece they design lies their personal style; a PERSONALITY with a life story

Why independent design?

Who are independent designers for Lulo&Co?

An independent designer for Lulo&Co is someone from Colombia who produces its own creations and has a micro or small enterprise. They usually do not have a store to sell their products. Accordingly, supplying stores or selling at diverse markets are the ways that they normally utilize in order to bring their products to their customers.

Why do we want to support them?

Given the more pressing necessities in Colombia, buying accessories will sometimes be a luxury. This is the reason why Colombian design pieces have a hard time to survive. Due to competition with major brands that are able to offer low prices, people dedicating themselves to designing and selling their own products will find it hard to make a living of their creations.

Through opening a new sales market in Europe for Colombian design artistry, we aim to provide them this new opportunity to reach a broader customer base.

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Through our DIRECT COOPERATION WITH INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS in Colombia, we are skipping the cost intensive wholesaler and import logistics.

This allows us to pay a fairer price to the designers in Colombia and have a competitive pricing scheme for you.

Local production and materials

Our products are as SPECIAL as the Lulo fruit is for Colombia.
As we have committed ourselves to a local sourcing, environment- and animal-friendly production, our products consist of superior cloths which have been PRODUCED IN COLOMBIA. Many of our products have the Colombian flag inside as a sign of its origin.
Our collaborating designers also use VEGAN LEATHER or in some cases UPCYCLED leather pieces.

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Creativity rather than mass production

To sum it up, we do not want to distribute anonymous mass-produced goods. We value the UNIQUENESS of the creations of our designers. One special feature of our products is that they are mostly HANDMADE.

Their creative design often combines a mix of different materials. Thus, our products are not resulting out of a mass production process – but are always differing in their combination of designs, colors and fabrics.