The Best Fair Trade Christmas Gifts

We are in the year 2021 where the meaning of the word cool has changed. Nowadays a man is no longer cool only because he rides a motorcycle, or a woman is cool because she is easy going and doesn’t complain. No, nowadays, it is cooler to be a man who is sensitive and considerate and a woman who stands out asking for what matters to her. Thinking of this new meaning of “cool”, we were inspired to share with you this list of ideas of cool Christmas presents, that are not only for cool people, but also they are made by cool people, people who work with us and create amazingly cool AND Fair trade gifts.

It is cool to be cute
3 gifts for cute people

From children to adults, we all have someone who is very sweet, someone who fills us with cuteness with the way they talk, the way they treat us, the colors they like and the interests they have. Thanks to them our lives are sweeter, and they seem easier. So, thinking of this kind of people, we selected some of our cutest items.

Our cactus are amazing for those who love crochet and small replicas, they are super cute.

Our animal wallets, perfect for kids who are learning to manage their money or adults who love animals and want them around in their pocket.

And for those hearts’ fans, we got this wonderful wallet, it is not only practical and made with a great sense of color combination, but also super cute.

  • cactus handmade
  • Münzbeutel, mini Geldbörse
  • Wallet Mustard
  • Geldbörsen

You just know when someone is cool
4 Gifts for cool people

We selected these products because we look at them and we think, they are cool, just like when you know someone and you think “that is a cool person”, so let yourself be inspired by the products and they might make you think of the right person to give them to.

  • Retro Portemonnaie - Affe
  • frida coin purse
  • Tiny wallet
  • Gym bag reflective cycling
  • Gym bag reflective
  • picnic bag
  • buy online picnic bag
  • Lunch Box
  • wallet woman
  • Wallet Black and White
  • Wallet pink
  • wallet women gift

Travelling and getting to know new cultures is obviously super cool!
3 gifts for travellers

Travelling is one of the things that helps us learn and grow. It is really cool to have a conversation with someone who travels a lot because they always have something to tell. But also, they are super smart at travelling, they always have all the tricks and tips to make your bag lighter and more practical. So, thinking of these people, here is our selection of gifts

  • travel case waterproof
  • gym bag online
  • coole Sporttasche
  • Travel case fair trade
  • Fair trade reise Tasche
  • kosmetiktasche blau

Retro has always been cool
3 gifts for retro fans

Pop-art and retro style was fashion some time ago, but it keeps coming back and never dies. We love it, just like retro fans love it too, that’s why we put together a variety of practical objects that not only can you use on a daily basis, but also will give art and style to your day.

  • Pocket mirror Marilyn
  • Espej6 (2) Closed
  • Retro Spiegel
  • Retro Spiegel – Pop Art
  • kleines portemonnaie Frida Kahlo
  • portemonnaie klein katze
  • mini geldboerse hund vespa
  • kleines portemonnaie wolf retro

Analogue culture is old school, which means it is above and beyond cool
3 gifts for the old school

Wanting to write on paper instead of a laptop, caring pens and pencils because they are beautiful and useful; are some of the habits that people who love analogue things have. We agree with them because not everything that is new and technological is better. Therefore, here we have some examples of classics and old school items that someone with this kind of interest would definitely enjoy.

  • Notebook Chaplin
  • Notebook Amy Winehouse
  • Notebook Einstein
  • Notebook Frida
  • Pencil case made by hand in Colombia
  • Pencil Case
  • Freud notepad
  • Frida notepad
  • Mercury Notepad

These Gifts Have a Cool Background

These presents are not only cool due to their design and function, but because they have a cool background.

We have selected these items thinking of people who will enjoy them, we definitely want to make you and your loved ones happy. We chose these items as gifts because they have a very cool combination of design and function, but there is a more important reason to want to offer you these items. We know the people who make them, and we also want to make them happy (if you want to read about them just click on the Designers tab above).

We think that these designers who decided to be independent by making and selling their own creations, are doing something that is very cool. Therefore, we felt encouraged to help them sell in Europe and we knew that beyond cool it is our duty to offer them a fair deal when trading their objects.

That is why, if you give any of these gifts to someone, you can tell that person that they are supporting independent designers in Colombia, and you are also supporting us. Two girls who work on this website and try to make their own living out of connecting you, to the person who makes the objects you purchase.

So, thank you for being so cool and support us by choosing to give a present with a cool background from Lulo and Co.