In his TED talk Mike O’Sullivan mentions the end of globalization. One might have thought we were still in the midst of globalization; the truth is that globalization already achieved its goal of connecting the world, but it also allowed selfish goals to become global crises.

We came to the point where Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, has helped the rest of world to call on governments and big selfish corporations for not doing enough; so thanks to her and many others we now know that as individuals our power is limited. However, through sharing her ideas and focusing on the power we do have, we will be able to get more powerful after globalization.

O’Sullivan gives us a clue on what we should focus on, he talks about the importance of values in this post-globalization era. He talks about the values of nations, but what are nations if not groups of individuals? Therefore, your and my individual values matter.

We know many of us are working on ourselves, on not being selfish but self-loving, which allows us to include everyone’s future and wellbeing among our priorities. That’s why we get informed, we have serious conversations about our responsibility, we complain about the wrong doings of many leaders who fail us, we protest them, we manage our money consciously (in order not to support those who harm us), all of this ultimately is helping us collect a lot of individual power; these self-loving values will make big changes and hopefully give people power.

So where are we as a small business in these new times?

Lulo and Co is in the middle of this global change for the better. It is a small store, yes, it is not a global player, but it has the strong intention of including the wellbeing of people everywhere in the world, into this era after globalization.

We believe in the wellbeing of individuals, that’s why we personally dream of being independent through this small store, but we know we cannot do that alone and that selfish goals only bring huge imbalances in the world. That’s why we decided to work with other people who work on their dream of being independent, people who decide to take the risk of having no stable income to do the art they do. Art that in our opinion, makes the world look like a more beautiful place.

Every company is built by people and if their wellbeing is not at the heart of the company’s decisions, its employees will be part of the global population that endures unfair working conditions or in it worse cases, exploitation.

Thus, our battle is to free the world from labor exploitation, free the world from selfish goals, free the world from greedy decisions, free the world from insufficient wages, free the world from cheap labor, free the world from abusing people, all of this through trading fairly. We want to use Fairtrade to free you from these ugly realities when buying designed objects.

As we said we cannot do this alone, that’s why we need and we have a compromise with you, we work to offer you products that not only appeal to your likes, but that have a fair background. We have the responsibility to ensure that no human being is harmed when you buy something from us and that if there is something we should improve, we must strive for the better.

So, help us investing on us and in companies like us, companies who you can get to know, companies who are free from secrets, companies who are small enough so that you feel good knowing who you are supporting, companies who have their heart set on a new era where global issues are part of their concern and a motivation to work for a better world.

This is our Free From Series, a space to share with you information that has helped us learn and rail our work into achieving all of these freedoms.