Online is not only the future anymore, it is the present. Nowadays finding a running project without any information online is weird, it might even be a reason to distrust or discard it. So when the brainstorming for Lulo&Co began, we took this into account and decided that we had to be an online store. However, as a customer of accessories and of basically anything, we all do like to touch, feel or try what we buy; we want to be sure about the thing we are spending our money on.

So thinking about the options that Lulo&Co, being a mainly online store, could offer to our customers; we came across with the concept of selling Online and Offline. The main idea of this concept is to offer the customer the possibility to experience the items personally; they can purchase an item right at the spot or simply think about it and order the same product online (online store). Therefore what some brands do is find themselves a pop-up shop to sell temporarily in one location, so people have access to their products for at least a short period of time in a physical store (offline store).

Since Lulo&Co is just in its beginnings, pop-ups are not an option; nevertheless we came across many initiatives. They not only offer the physical space and opportunity to display the work of our designers; but also these initiatives share our philosophy for design, originality, uniqueness and support for small brands. The initiatives include: flea markets, design markets, shopping events for design and rented spaces in shops.

Therefore, since the very beginnings of Lulo&Co, we have engaged in local events like Mondscheinbazar or Wasofil and stores like Ein.Fach or KunstWerkStatt (all in Vienna so far). They are all initiatives that allow us to personally bring our designers’ work into people’s hands.

Come to these events and stores, you will find all the updated information, dates and schedules for events and address of the stores in our tabs: Journal and Stores (