Why Colombia?

Most importantly, one of our team members is from this beautiful country. As she bought a creative backpack from an independent designer in Colombia and received a lot of positive feedback with regard to its great look, she, together with a friend, came up with the initial idea to create a business that imports hand-crafted designs from Colombian artists to Europe – or first of all to Vienna.

And why selling to Europe?

Hence, these personal ties to Colombia were the starting point of our start-up journey as our team is partly from this region and several of us have studied Latin America’s history. Similarly, the decision to import the Colombian design pieces to Europe was not only owed to practical reasons – of us living in Vienna.  

Our attempt

Additionally, we all have the desire to contribute to changing certain misleading perceptions of Colombia. You probably might not have heard only good things about this country since common media has contributed to transmitting bad reputations and stereotypical images.

Hence, we decided that our project should focus on promoting Colombia’s talent and creativeness and help Colombians to enter the European market. This is because currently, Colombia mostly imports manufactured products from Europe but only sells its raw materials back – resulting in a rather unequal trade relationship.

Thus, we regard our business as one small contribution to supporting a change of trade relations and perceptions of Colombia.